Trey Fortmuller

Project Portfolio

I'm a 4th year Engineering Physics major at UC Berkeley. My interests include robotics, mechanical design, and control.


The best part of going to school is getting to work with people who share my passions, on projects that inspire me. I've outlined some of those experiences here. My project portfolio consists mostly of personal side projects, but I've also included endeavors from hackathons, student clubs, and project-oriented lab classes. I've included each project's motivation, design, fabrication, and challenges I ran into along the way.

01 Mar 2019

Lane Keeping RC Car

LQR lane keeping controller and PID cruise control for a 1/10th scale vehicle, the Berkeley Autonomous Racecar (BARC).

15 Jun 2017

Midair Hotswap

A mechatronics platform designed to autonomously swap a quadcopter's battery, without touching the ground.